Monday, February 18, 2019

Post-Construction Cleaning Boston

"I Would Highly Recommend Her Company And Her Staff To Anyone."

"Fabulous service. I would highly recommend her company and her staff to anyone. Very professional, consistent staff that do a great job on my floors /home and are also lovely to my dogs. Have had her service for 3 years and no regrets. I don't usually do reviews- this female owned/operated business deserves acknowledgement for the positive service and great communication that she gives her customers!!"

Shelly Oakes

Post-Construction Cleaning Boston

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Floor Cleaning Services Boston

"I Strongly Recommend That You Consider Them For Your Services."

"Boston Quality has impeccable communication, which we find incredibly important to our unique cleaning needs. Their responses are prompt, friendly, considerate and fair. This can only be topped by their remarkable attention to detail and their cleaning services. We have a very tricky property to clean (many lever and odd access hours) and they have managed to let me forget that I have ever had an issue with onsite cleaning. I strongly recommend that you consider them for your services. You will not be disappointed in their professionalism as well as their skills. Bravo."

Hilary Odoy

Post Construction Cleaning Boston

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Floor Cleaning Boston

"I'm Sticking With BQCS!"

"Our medical office hired two other floor cleaners. The first one lied (yes, crazy but true), but because they had done a decent job, I hired them again -- big mistake the second time, because it almost looked like they hadn't cleaned at all, with them arguing that they had stripped and buffed although the VCT floors were brown with dirt. The second company damaged my walls with their machines and although they waxed, they didn't bother to buff out the brown ground-in dirt. They also slopped the wax all over, onto floors that were NOT supposed to be waxed, and never bothered to at least clean off the hair and dust, so they ended up sealing in wax and dirt. Enter Boston Quality Cleaning Services, which I found on Craigslist, of all places, because I was desperate. From the first contact to the end of the job, every interaction was amazing and most importantly -- our clinic floors are INCREDIBLE. I was literally desperate and thinking that I'd have to retile it all -- but BQCS cleaned the floors to the point where they look LIKE NEW. And they are reasonably priced, charging the same as their competitors but with MUCH better service! In fact, the owner and cleaning team lead both personally stopped by to ensure that our needs were met, and that I'd be getting the job done the way I wanted it. I'm sticking with BQCS!"

Victoria Kuohung

Floor Cleaning Boston

Friday, January 11, 2019

Dialysis Clinic Cleaning Boston

"Everything is done to perfection!"

"Everything is done to perfection! He washes our rugs, he maintains the restaurant, I couldn't ask for anything more from Jean. We've used other companies through the years. I've been in the business since 1972... Jean is by far superior to all. I would recommend him to anybody in the restaurant business. Affordability is well within our budget range. Affordability is great. The amount of cleaning, the quality of the cleaning, it's well worth it. And he's trustworthy.

He's got my keys to my restaurant. My codes to my alarm system. There are many times when I come in I will find a 20 dollar bill or 10 dollar bill sitting on the bar (this is the truth!) that his workers had found during the course of the cleaning and will leave on top of the bar for us. That's a great plus. My pleasure! Anything I can do for Jean I will."

Mr. Carmen Lavallo
Owner of Venetian Moon Restaurant

Dialysis Clinic Cleaning Boston

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dental Office Cleaning Boston

"Very Nice, Very Easy To Work With"

“When I met Marli and Jean I was already very impressed because I was interviewing several companies and when they came they were the nicest. Actually they were the most attentive when I was letting them know what we needed, which was very important to me because the company that we had previously didn't seem to take into the consideration of everything that we needed.

Then, when I hired them they were very, everything that I always asked they always are very complaint, very nice, very easy to work with and the best thing is when the workers came to work and everyone says: “Wow it is so much cleaner! Wow Cindy what do think of these new cleaner people? I’m like they are great, I’m very happy and what do you think? And they are like, well I don’t know but you know they do the little roses on the toilet paper and they do the little fans with the tissue box I think they are kind of showing off, I’m like well I think they should because I have no complaints."

Sedie Maruska
Crochet Business Consultant
Catapult Thinking

Dental Office Cleaning Boston

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Construction Sites Cleaning Boston

"Everything Has Been Really Very Great"

"Jean and Marli have been cleaning and performing services in my building for 5 years and everything has been really very great.

They show up always the same time, we do twice a week at our building. Eeverything is always great when we come in the next morning.

The best thing about Jean and Marli is that I can always call them. If a have a question, if I have a special project, I have their number and they always pick up the phone and it never goes to voice mail. And that’s really nice with companies because I know that I’m talking to the owners so that’s really great!

The other great thing is that we do special project sometimes and I ask Jean I ask Marli: What do you think about waxing the floors? What about scrubbing the tile? And they will say: yes we can do that, it is this much money and it is always a great price. Rather than bringing somoby else that I don’t know, so I always feel that Jean and Marli have been a partner with me and making sure that my building is great for my employees. I’m really looking forward to continue my work with them."

Mr. Tom Sivak
Amano McGann, Inc.
Senior Technology Executive

Construction Sites Cleaning Boston

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Condominium Cleaning Boston

"People Will Always Say How Clean And Beautiful The Place Is"

"I am Teresa Blagg, one of the owners of the The Gryphon House. An 8-room guest house in Kenmore Square in Boston. It's a high quality place and I depend on the best cleaners to come here and work with me: Marli Silva and her associate Leia Santos.

We've been in business for 16 years. We are very top ranked on TRIP Advisor. One of the things if you go to our website and look our ratings on Trip Advisor, is that people will always say how clean and beautiful the place is. And we thank Marli e Leia for that."

Teresa Blagg
The Gryphon House

Condominium Cleaning Boston