Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Should Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned Every 18-24 Months At Least.

Your house is a very important part of your life. It is your sanctuary and your safe haven. The things inside your house usually represent a big investment of time and money. Your carpet was also a very big investment and you probably want to take care of it as well as you can. Walking on your carpet every day for so many years, you understand that it gets soiled and dirty from time to time.

There are several reasons that carpet cleaning is important. However, most people don't even think twice about them. Do you know how often you should have your carpets cleaned? Let's look at the importance of steam cleaning your carpet.

You should have your carpets professionally cleaned every 18-24 months at least. This is for average use. If you have a lot of traffic on your carpet, you might want to bump that up to once every year. Steam cleaning is the method of choice for most professionals and people in the industry. Most carpet mills will require that you have your carpets cleaned every 18-24 months to maintain your warranty. Without this level of upkeep on your part, your warranty can be voided in most cases.

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