Thursday, July 1, 2010

Step By Step How to Strip and Wax a Vinyl Floor - Part II

Removal of The Excess Water Is Essential
Step 3. 
Remove all of the water that accumulated on the floor after using the stripping machine with a water vacuum or a wet and dry vac. 
Keep in mind that you will also be sucking up the old wax as well, so don't be too alarmed if you hear small chunks going up the hose of the vacuum.

All Stains and Marks Should Be Completely Removed
Step 4. 
 Make sure that all stains and marks are removed completely as one of your steps in floor stripping. If you have some really stubborn marks and stains that will not come off, you can try to use some stronger stuff. 
It is best to test these methods on a part of the vinyl floor that is hidden from view. Use only white rags.

Which Commercial Cleaning Solutions To Use
* Isopropyl alcohol - Even though this is a disinfectant, it is also a mild solvent. It is best used on stubborn heel marks. 
You can also use mineral spirits or lighter fluid. Just remember that these things are flammable.

* Bleach - This will often take away stain left by liquids like tomato sauce, fruit juices and wine.
Mix 1 part of bleach with 4 parts of water, soak a rag in the mixture and put the rag over the stain. You may have to leave it there for approximately an hour.

* Oxalic acid - This is used on stubborn rust stains. You may have heard of this as "wood bleach". Many hardware and paint stores are starting to carry oxalic acid.

The Ultimate Secret: The Wax Solution At The Final Step
Step 5. 
Apply a commercial quality wax solution to the vinyl floor - If you really want to shine your vinyl floor the S.C. Johnson Wax has some excellent products. 
If you find that regular products that you get in the grocery store are just not cutting the mustard, then it would be a good idea to get in contact with a janitorial supply house.
Many of these houses are open to non-professional cleaners. Before visiting the store, make sure to call them first to tell them what you are looking for. You want to apply at least six coats of wax to ensure a lasting finish.

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