Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Advantages Of Having Your Floor Stripped And Waxed

Part I

Having a floor for a long period without proper care can result in your floors looking yellowish and even dirty, not making it a enjoyable sight to see.

Not to mention it is embarrassing to have dull and dirty floors. But most of the time, these things can be further prevented because you can have floor stripping and floor waxing done to keep and maintain the quality of your floor.

That is why it is essential for us to know that floor stripping and floor waxing are relevant when it comes to caring for our floor surfaces and making them last for a durable time.

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What About Dull Haze And Stains?
First comes floor stripping and then waxing. The floor stripping is capable to remove the dull haze and also the stains, making the floor look new. There are four steps to be followed in floor stripping:
1. First of all, a floor stripper is applied on your old finish for a while.

2. The surface of your old floor will be scrubbed to loosen the built up dirt that has been gathering for a long period.

3. Then, wipe the old stripper and old finish from the floor surface.

4. Then, the floor should be rinsed off before applying the new finish.



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