Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gonna clean your office? 10 points that the cleaning team can not neglect

Your office is more than an address where you go to work, frequently times it is a large physical representation of your service or product. That being said the way your office looks to visitors is highly important. Most business people hire office cleaning crews who work after hours to make the place shine. Unluckily, not all office maintenance or cleaning crews are the same, some are good while others will do a half way job and hope you never notice. Here are a couple of things to watch for when checking up on your cleaning crew.

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Do not think that the bathrooms should be for employees only and for that it does not need a serious clean. Visitors and clients will see them too, and if they are not impeccable that is a huge negative stimulation to a business. All areas should be checked and cleaned, otherwise it will start to have a bad smell. Your cleaning crew should be able to clean the lavatories of your business and leave them impeccable.

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To make sure the crew you have hired is doing a good job, there is one thing that will tell you the truth, dust. A good cleaning staff will leave the office dust-free, so check for the following:

- Chair legs
- Window ledges
- Tops of filing cabinets
- Shelves
- Door facings- along the top
- Base boards
- Various fixtures including lights
- Blinds
- Corners
- Along ceiling

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Any of these areas that are still dust covered show that your office care team is relaxing on the job. You should bring it to their attention once and if the habits persist look for a new service supplier.

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