Monday, September 24, 2018

Carpet Cleaning Services Boston

"They have a very good staff and quality co-workers"

"Good Afternoon, I am Hayden Roc, Facilities Director at the Walnut Street Center. We use Boston Quality Cleaning Services for our facilities building and also in other facilities within various cities of Massachusetts.

The quality of the work is very very good. Exemplary to what they actually offered. And we are very happy that we have them in the cleaning section, things of that nature, sanitation.

We look forward to using them again throughout the year and hopefully for years to come.

They have a very good staff and quality co-workers throughout the Massachusetts area that does work for us and we appreciate that.

I thank them very much for what they do."

Hayden Roc
Facilities Director
Walnut Street Center, Inc

Carpet Cleaning Services Boston

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