Thursday, November 1, 2018

Office Cleaning Boston

"Working With Jean And Marli Has Been Invaluable To Me"

“Hello my name is Marcel Safar, I’m the owner and manager of Daniel Rene Commercial Real Estate. We are a Commercial Real Estate Property Management Firm in Downtown Boston. It’s my pleasure to be here with Jean and Marli to give them this recommendation.

I’ve been working with Jean and Marli for 4 years, over here. My building is located at 109 state street in downtown Boston. Since before working with Jean and Marli I had many people coming to the building to service them. Sometimes good, sometimes they start good and don’t end up so good, sometimes they start off and increase prices.

For myself as a business man working with Jean and Marli has been invaluable to me. Because for the moment they came in they did a fantastic job, they have continue to do a fantastic job. Their pricing is always very competitive. They care about the work that they do, for me as a business man this is invaluable because I always know that my properties are going to be serviced well. I know that I can turn my attention elsewhere to the things that are needed in my business and also I know that Jean and Marli oversee the properties that they managed themselves. That is again invaluable service to my business. It’s a pleasure to give this recommendation and anyone who has any questions, feel free to contact me directly.“

Marcel D. Safar, Esq.
Daniel René Commercial Estate Services

Office Cleaning Boston

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