Friday, November 9, 2018

Pressure-Washer Boston

"I Would Recommend Boston Quality Cleaning."

"I know Jean for over a year now. He works for our company GTI Properties. It's located in Boston on Saint Botolph St.

He takes care of 19 buildings. There's over 300 apartments. He's got a couple of commercial spaces too. And he is very reliable. For example, I had an emergency on the weekend on Saturday and I gave him a call and he came right out and took care of it. It was broken water heater. Very reliable. Steam cleaned the guy's carpet and the tenant had no problems and that's what we like over here at GTI.

I would recommend Boston Quality Cleaning.

I'm Mark Murphy and I put my word behind it. It's VERY RELIABLE. I like Jean."

Mark Murphy
GTI Properties

Pressure-Washer Boston

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