Monday, November 19, 2018

Sports Arenas Cleaning Boston

"They Were Definitely Affordable"

"I actually found them on the internet. We were researching… We hadn’t had cleaning service since we moved into this building before and you know we’re in Boston Area but we are outside of the Boston proper. Finding someone that would come to this area and do [cleaning] for a small company such as ours in what would be an every other week service, it was a lit bit challenging.

Well, they were definitely affordable and they were willing to fulfill our needs. We have unique floor surface and we didn’t want any type chemical used on it. They were willing to work with what we recommended to maintain our facilities in the way that we choose. Meeting face to face was a big thing, they came to our office and had a conversation with us and that was impressive since the other ones just returned [the quote] by email so it was nice to meet them and know that they would take care of our facilities."

Lynn McNamee
Business Manager

Sports Arenas Cleaning Boston

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