Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dental Office Cleaning Boston

"Very Nice, Very Easy To Work With"

“When I met Marli and Jean I was already very impressed because I was interviewing several companies and when they came they were the nicest. Actually they were the most attentive when I was letting them know what we needed, which was very important to me because the company that we had previously didn't seem to take into the consideration of everything that we needed.

Then, when I hired them they were very, everything that I always asked they always are very complaint, very nice, very easy to work with and the best thing is when the workers came to work and everyone says: “Wow it is so much cleaner! Wow Cindy what do think of these new cleaner people? I’m like they are great, I’m very happy and what do you think? And they are like, well I don’t know but you know they do the little roses on the toilet paper and they do the little fans with the tissue box I think they are kind of showing off, I’m like well I think they should because I have no complaints."

Sedie Maruska
Crochet Business Consultant
Catapult Thinking

Dental Office Cleaning Boston

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