Friday, January 11, 2019

Dialysis Clinic Cleaning Boston

"Everything is done to perfection!"

"Everything is done to perfection! He washes our rugs, he maintains the restaurant, I couldn't ask for anything more from Jean. We've used other companies through the years. I've been in the business since 1972... Jean is by far superior to all. I would recommend him to anybody in the restaurant business. Affordability is well within our budget range. Affordability is great. The amount of cleaning, the quality of the cleaning, it's well worth it. And he's trustworthy.

He's got my keys to my restaurant. My codes to my alarm system. There are many times when I come in I will find a 20 dollar bill or 10 dollar bill sitting on the bar (this is the truth!) that his workers had found during the course of the cleaning and will leave on top of the bar for us. That's a great plus. My pleasure! Anything I can do for Jean I will."

Mr. Carmen Lavallo
Owner of Venetian Moon Restaurant

Dialysis Clinic Cleaning Boston

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